Electronic cigarettes are small vaporizers, essentially; machines that use electricity from a battery to turn liquid into vapor. Either by puffing or by pressing a button, consumers light the atomizer and create vapor. Clearly, using an e cig is not the same as smoking so it would be incorrect to call these consumers smokers. Two new words were coined after electronic cigarettes emerged: vapers and vaping.

woman vapingWhat is Vaping?

If you are inhaling smoke from a cigarette, pipe, or cigar, you are a smoker because you inhale smoke and the thousands of chemicals and toxins found therein. As an e cig user, you are no longer inhaling smoke: e cigs do not burn materials but heat them enough to change their state.

You are now inhaling a much cleaner substance containing a few chemicals, although their exact nature has yet to be scientifically determined, but you certainly are not inhaling 4,000 deadly toxins.

Vapor is relatively clean and often smells lovely. It usually contains nicotine, but that is an optional substance since most e cig vendors and e liquid makers carry zero-nicotine products.

Vaping Devices

There are a lot of different names for the various vaping devices available. Here are three of the major categories:

These are most often the introductory device that people try when they start vaping. These resemble an actual tobacco cigarette in size, and some can be quite close in flavor as well.

These are typically mid-sized devices, also called eGo style pens, which are usually the next step for people who want a more powerful device than a standard e-cigarette which is shaped like an actual tobacco cigarette. Many vape pens are also used for vaping dry loose leaf products, oils and wax, as well as e-liquid.

Vape pens would typically fit into this category, although these are usually a larger device, and most often is used for vaporizing dry herbs.

These are typically the next step for vapors after eGo-style vape pens, although some people start with these. Vapor mods usually are adjustable in some way, whether you can adjust the electrical currents (in watts, volts or joules), although they may not be adjustable, but one can add other parts that have variations (the atomizer), for changing the performance. These come in a number of different shapes and sizes, and are usually larger than typical eGo pens, and more powerful.


Custom Vaporizer Builder


How Does an E Cig Create Vapor?

An electronic cigarette is really just a covered battery and an atomized cartridge or tank screwed or snapped together. The battery warms up a coil (the atomizer) which heats e liquid at an unregulated rate of 3.7 to 4.2 volts: enough to turn liquid into vapor. Adjustable voltage mods provide higher voltage which the vaper regulates.

From a hole in the cartridge tip or through a mouthpiece attached to a tank, vapor is released a little at a time. The user draws vapor through this portion directly emulating what he once did as a smoker.

Vaping Like a Smoker

For someone who smoked ten or fifteen years, his reliance on cigarettes is more than chemical; it is behavioral as well. Predictable movements provide relief when one is tense or prevent anxiety through the repetition of routine. Smoking is a habit associated with certain activities. Take it away and the smoker feels something important is missing. That simple hand-to-mouth movement becomes as critical as stimulation from nicotine.

Smokers hold cigarettes a certain way: usually between the forefinger and middle finger where it balances neatly. Cigar smokers might use thumb and forefinger if a cigar is thick, in which case eGo electronic cigarettes are about the right size. For smokers, cigalikes (also known as cigarette-like e cigs) closely mimic features of a cigarette.

They are about the right size in length and width. Cigarettes vary from regular to kings; from kings to slims, but they are always light with a glowing tip. They are also either all white or white and tan. For an electronic cigarette to effectively copy the look and feel of a cigarette it must be light and narrow. It can’t be too long or too hard. Many e cigs fail to replicate the softness of a cigarette with their hard plastic shells, but some are rubberized and velvety. Several brands supply two or three battery sizes.

Many of the major e cig companies give consumers a choice between colored batteries and cartridges or items authentic to the real cigarette look. A light at the end glows when a vaper puffs: he can’t see it, but others can, and it glows orange, blue, green, or white. Vapers feel like they are smoking in many small ways until they finally realize that e liquid tastes better than cigarette smoke and they like not coughing all the time anymore.

aerotank turboAdvanced Vaping

At this point, vaping can become a hobby to replace smoking. Like any interest in electronics, an interest in e cigs leads consumers to more complicated devices with complex features. First, there are eGos with bigger batteries. Next they move on to rebuildable tanks. Later, a vaper will develop an interest in variable voltage/wattage products (tubes or boxes) before possibly graduating to mechanical mods. It does not always happen like this. A consumer might use e cigs for a little while until he doesn’t need any kind of “cig” anymore. He could stop with an 1100-mAh eGo battery when he realizes this provides a day or more of power before having to recharge.

The Costs of Vaping

Consumers have heard how ex-smokers have saved thousands of dollars by choosing e cigs in place of cigarettes. This can be true, although they save even more if they phase e cigs out too. But as an alternative, eGos in particular make excellent financial sense. Even vaping good-quality e liquid, consumers have watched their bank balances grow by making the switch.

As a hobby, however, vaping can suck a person in the same way RC cars and antique book collecting sucks them in. Neither of these is a bad hobby, but the price of one’s passion can be enormous and can even put a person into debt. When a vaper gets deep into this activity, he wants the best of everything and collects limited-edition pieces because they were created in small batches. Such items (mechanical mods, rebuildable atomizers, and even drip tips) cost from $75 to $300 with rare exceptions priced even higher. They are undoubtedly beautiful, but people with less money will frequently buy much cheaper clones.

The same clients buy the most expensive e liquids which might or might not be superior-tasting. They should be for the price.

Vaping in Public

Some people do not get it: what is in that tank of yours? Is it a drug of some kind? Bystanders are sometimes perplexed, but their understanding grows with every news article depicting the controversy over e cigs.

It would be worse to vape and have someone accuse you of smoking. That is one good reason vapers choose black, pink, rhinestone-encrusted, or designer e cigs over the usual white and tan format. They don’t want to be accused of lighting up a cigarette in public. For this reason, they also prefer e cig LED tips to be colored white, blue, or green, to have a crystal tip, or to be covered with a stealthy grey cap.

Potential Implications Of The FDAs Proposed Rules On Vaping Products

The FDA has been threatening to impose rules and regulations on e cig manufacturers for many months and the entire industry is holding its breath. Will their relatively young businesses survive whatever blow this regulatory body has coming? Can the industry do anything to prepare? A proposed bill has vapers and vape companies wondering about the future.

Current Legislation on the Table

A bill has been proposed by a member of the House of Representatives by the name of Cole in which vapor products would not be banned and the vaping industry would be saved according to CASAA. They believe this bill is a fair measure which will effectively provide “grandfather rights” to a number of products. Others might be permitted to remain in the event that companies fill out an application.

H.R. 2058

Currently, if the bill is not passed, items released to the market up to February 2007 would obtain grandfather rights and be permitted to remain on store shelves. Most of these items were released from China; there are no American brands of e cigs which qualify for this part of the process.

The FDA would permit items which are deemed “substantially equivalent” to remain subject to filling out an SE application form, as long as these items were released between February 2007 and March 2011.

In other words, companies would have to fill out costly applications and they could only apply regarding items similar to cigalikes. This would eliminate a lot of products in the advanced range. Bill H.R. 2058 proposes that the dates be changed.

Grandfather rights should be granted as of the date when this bill was announced, June 2015. The FDA would then have to re-establish grandfather rights and allow products to remain on virtual and real-store shelves without the need for an application form.

Anything released since June 2015 would be subject to an SE application filed with the FDA retroactively. This is a lot more reasonable and would save the industry according to CASAA.

What Is the Likely Outcome?

Vapers are realistic. They do not think this bill by Representative Cole will be passed. They believe it will be rejected and the former dates applied unless someone else steps forwards with a new bill to try and rescue the vaping community. There is still time for consumers to write in, but time is ticking quickly.

What Can Vapers Do?

Right now, all the consumers can do is write to their representatives and ask for them to support Cole’s bill. If enough people do this, they will demonstrate that a substantial number of their constituents will be negatively impacted should H.R. 2058 be rejected.

The economic impact will be felt deeply since there are hundreds of businesses in the United States, perhaps thousands, which focus on vaping equipment including e liquids and electronics. Between them, these companies certainly employ thousands of individuals who would be back to the job line in a hurry. This would impact America’s unemployment rates, not a good thing for a new president to face.

The most popular items would be permitted to remain on sale regardless, such as disposable e cigs, cigalikes, and possibly eGo-Type e cigarettes. Legislation is not clear about e liquid. The proposed bill seems to focus on electronic devices, so there is a chance that more regulations will have to be introduced in order to regulate that field.

Good or Bad?

Is regulation a good thing for vapers? Consumers should realize that vaping has gone relatively untouched by any regulating authority. There has been nothing out there to protect them except for the ethics of certain businesses which make and sell e cigs, vape mods, and e liquids.

Regulation is inevitable, and if this is so, the main question is whether or not it will benefit the average customer. The answer will hopefully be “yes.” With regulations looming, manufacturers and vendors are effectively reminded that their products are within the mainstream now and under scrutiny, something no vendor should fear if they use best practices including the application of approved ingredients or materials, storage methods, and manufacturing methods.

The problem is where these firms need to go through what sounds like an almost impossible testing  and analysis phase, to answer some questions near impossible to answer, and the cost to do this is more than most firms will be able to afford, and many vapor companies are essentially saying this could wipe out nearly every product on the market, and likely 100% of the products that individuals use now, since there likely are not any still for sale that were manufactured in 2007, as the industry is evolving so fast, and those products are essentially obsolete, and unpopular.

One must also remember that Bill H.R. 2058, whether it passes or fails, applies to the United States only. Other countries with their own e cig companies and products will feel the ripple effect, but there will be no direct consequences for international vapers unless their governments model legislation accordingly.

Marina Vape, Los Angeles

Marina Vape, founded in 2013, has been associated with quality vaping all along. So are the series of e juices carried under this parent label. DIY enthusiasts developed a focus on fruit and expanded their ideas to develop numerous styles, some decadent, some light. Every variety from this Los Angeles-based company is worthy of the top shelf.

Members of Marina Vape

I’ll take them one by one, describing the flavor elements of each label. Some of them are well known and lend legitimacy to less familiar brands. Why should they join under a common heading? Maybe there’s safety in numbers when the FDA comes calling, but it’s typical to see certain names come up repeatedly when exploring where each brand of e juice came from and some of these people collaborated.

Alpha Vape

Alpha Vape

Alpha Vape is one of the old boys in this team, founded by Sam Rosenberg in 2013. His specialty is fruit flavors but they are more complex than a simple strawberry or cherry e liquid. Flavors are named for people, pets, friends, and songs, so some will sound familiar and others won’t make any sense at all.

Omega Vape E-Juice

Omega Vape

Omega followed Alpha Vape with a range of dessert styles in contrast to the fresher fruits of the Alpha Vape series. Otherwise, these are still top-class e liquids.

Nick’s Blissful Brews

Nick's Blissful Brews

Nick Gollust got the ball rolling after becoming a jaded e juice consumer back in the dry days of 2013. A few years later the e juice landscape has been transformed, but Gollust can say he was at the head of this revolution. Lush is the vapor juice equivalent of strawberries and cream. Swag is styled after hazelnut custard with vanilla.

Crème De La Crème

Crème De La Crème

You can probably guess what the theme is here: cream, of course, each one paired with fruit. Line up these black bottles to savor a style for each day of the week and two on Monday, just because the week has started and you need a pick-me-up.



This is the original BOBA tea e juice line with a number of flavor options. Any one of them will cause you to imagine you’re sipping milky BOBA tea through a straw, it’s so authentic. Try one that tastes like honeydew or mango.

Cloud Stout

Cloud Stout

Stout is a type of heavy beer, like Guinness or Murphy’s. So, did Ray Parker have that sort of stout in mind when he founded Cloud Stout Vape? Parker had something else in mind as well: durability. He was thinking of his personal struggles and how he persevered through them as well as a love of hand-crafted, quality beers when he named his e juice line “Cloud Stout.”

Parker is a success story from among the former smokers who turned to vapor; one of those who might have died had he not discovered e cigs. As a former employee of an e juice company, he brought a different sort of background to the industry. Got’eem! tastes like watermelon, guava, and yogurt. The blends all the elements of a decadent tiramisu-style treat including mocha and toffee. Experience a calorie-free banana cream sugar cookie with V.S.O.P.

Versus Vape

Versus Vape

Adam Wright started this e juice label to satisfy customers of his own shop who couldn’t find what they wanted. His DIY e juice was popular, so Versus Vape came to life with its frozen yogurt, muffin, breakfast cereal, and cakes or at least their vaporous twins.

Wapari Drops

Wapari Drops

Teppo Tuorila of Finland became known for his box mods. He also developed a line of e juices which he started making in 2012. Coco Bolo is the top seller, flavored to resemble a sugar cookie dipped into a vanilla milkshake.



Some of the e juice experts above joined forces to create what they hoped would become a series of flavors so authentic that consumers would instantly relate them to common flavors in their daily routines. An example is Whirlwind, like an oatmeal cookie with toffee bits instead of raisins or chocolate chips.



If you think Donuts is copying a trend, think again because they started it. Take a bite of strawberry-glazed or blueberry-frosted donuts plus milk for dunking. The same team is also responsible for Marshmallow Man which even tastes soft and squishy.

Boyd’s Bounty

Boyd's Bounty

Named for the make of this line, Boyd’s Bounty is the result of less than 3 years of experimentation with e juices. His label features a ship, like Captain Cook’s Bounty bound for the South Pacific, but his e juice is a very North American cookie style: oatmeal raisin. He adds milk and tobacco to create unexpectedly rich layers from a familiar food.

Vapester E-Juice

Vapester E-Juice

Are you feeling low on energy, but not sure you want a sip of energy drink in case you can’t sleep? Puff on Vapester and just pretend. The taste takes tropical notes and blends them with an energy drink to create a trendy treat that won’t keep you awake.

That Thai Tea Tho’

That Thai Tea Tho’

Here’s another one-juice wonder, a Thai style concocted to be as authentic to sweet Thai tea as possible. You should discern sweet, thick condensed milk rather than cream.

Treats E-juice

Treats E-juice

As you can see, it’s not all about fruit at Marina Vape. This dessert vape juice, one of the most colorfully packaged with its multi-colored stripes, tastes like an ice cream sandwich made from marshmallow rice cereal squares.

Last Call

Honey Bear blends honey from California with the taste of a favorite breakfast cereal from childhood.

Honey Bear

As for Strawberry Milkshake Man, what’s left to say? Mix strawberries with milk and serve.

Strawberry Milkshake Man

Philip Morris iQOS

The makers of Marlboro cigarettes, Phillip Morris International, are now releasing a version of the controversial electronic cigarette. Known a the IQOS, this new mini cig will be competing with the likes of V2 Cigs, the Halo G6, V4Life Kings, NJOY, South Beach Smoke, and many other US brands. Will the IQOS stand out above the rest?

Analog/E Cig Hybrid

Phillip Morris International describes their product as a hybrid: partly cigarette, partly e cig. Consumers associate cigarettes with thousands of toxins, lung cancer, air pollution, and assorted ailments to both people and the environment. These compounds do their worst when smokers light the match and burn their cigarettes.

E cigs are also facing considerable scrutiny owing to the many unknowns associated with vapor, but most doctors seem to agree that the health of patients who formerly smoked improves when they turn to vaping. It’s even possible to argue that using a loose leaf vaporizer is healthier than smoking, even if the substance you use is still tobacco.

Cigarette/E Cig Business Link

Consumers of the e cig in its many forms, produced by countless brands, have often protested business relationships between e cig companies and Big Tobacco. Firms such as Blu Cig have been lambasted for this association in the past. Is this part of the reason for releasing IQOS in Europe and Asia first rather than the critical US market?

Maybe these parts of the world are looking for something new or are more accepting of Big Tobacco. Perhaps the voice of their vaping advocates is not as unified or noisy as that of American e cig users and manufacturers.

How the IQOS Works

Maybe Philip Morris International just wanted to try a non-US audience before developing a reputation in the United States. Regardless of the company’s reasons, American vapers are expecting a particular sort of cigalike and the IQOS isn’t what they have in mind.

That test market will give Phillip Morris International some direction as to how the US public will receive their new vaporizer and the electronic/tobacco union. The IQOS uses small Marlboros inside a device which heats but does not burn the product; a bit like a cigalike and an herbal vaporizer combined. Their heater does not contain a filter and burns the cigarette at roughly 350C (cigarettes burn at more than double that temperature).


Philip Morris invested billions of dollars and a decade’s worth of research into the development of their vaporizer. Now it’s ready for release, but in a revised form: the IQOS2. All of their work, however, hinges on results of health tests being undertaken in Europe to determine the relative health risks of vaping the IQOS vs. regular e cigs.

Already, e cigs are being used as the yardstick against which PMI’s new product will be examined. There is ample suspicion around the notion of using a cigarette to quit smoking and for good reason: very little has changed except the combustion element.

If consumers are placing a real cigarette inside of a vaping device, they are still inhaling many if not all of the toxins associated with smoking. Consequently, the IQOS will be treated like a cigarette in spite of its electronic component.

Impressions from the Vaping Side

It’s hard to imagine how Phillip Morris International plans to compete with e cigs or even herbal vaporizers given their approach to the industry. Even herbal devices contain just loose leaves which can be purchased untreated and in a relatively pure state. They contain nicotine, but most of the chemicals associated with cigarettes are gone.

Whatever you feel about that habit, it’s hard to deny that e cigs are a far more appealing alternative to cigarettes than a costly machine for using the same old cigarettes without burning them. This isn’t nearly different enough and is too much of a compromise between cigarettes and electronic vaporizing to really fly.

E cigs already took smokers forward; the IQOS will take them backwards. I can’t see this competing strongly in the US with brands such as White Cloud with their inexpensive starter kits and numerous flavors of disposable Fling e cigs. It’s hard to see how a system which only offers one type of flavor and few relative benefits can stand up to big e cig players who, in this case, dominate over so-called “Big Tobacco.”

What Is The Temperature Coefficient Of Resistance?

Several mods now operate in VW, TC, and TCR modes. The last one is short for Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. This sounds technical, and it is. TCR is a feature of recent chipsets which regulate variable mods. It’s a high-tech feature, but one a layman can easily understand.

Eleaf Pico TCR ModePrecision Vaping

When you set your mod to operate at a particular temperature, you don’t necessarily take coil resistance into consideration. Even if you do, is it possible to determine that the temperature you choose is the real temperature you are achieving?

In an environment where designers are always pushing their limits, running to the outer limits of safety, vapers should be capable of the greatest possible precision. That’s where math comes into account.

Didn’t We Get Rid of Vaping Math with Variable Wattage?

There was a chart vapers used to refer to which helped them to establish safe voltage according to the resistance of coils. These coils weren’t the 0.06-ohm TC Nickel 200 coils of today but regular low-resistance coils. Vapers needed to be ultra-safe about how they set up their mod given that high-output regulating chipsets hadn’t been invented yet.

TCR mode is a little like that chart, only automatic and based on a mathematical table which is standard throughout the world of electronics. Set a mod to a certain temperature with a particular coil installed and you wind up with odd numbers you weren’t expecting; more accurate numbers, in fact, to ensure vaping is as safe as it can possibly be.

Who’s Making These Mods?

Vapers might like to start their TCR experience with the likes of Joyetech, already highly regarded and with a reputation worth fighting hard to maintain. The last thing they want is for vapers to operate their eVic VTC Mini TCR and have it blow up in their faces. Those with the previous version of an eVic VTC can plug in via USB and download TCR mode.

Boondock vapes website

Boondock Vapes: E Juice From The New Jersey Boondocks

Boondock Vapes comes by their name, honestly. As far as the owners are concerned, this is where they are situated: in the boondocks of New Jersey. For those of you who have never heard the term before, “boondocks” refers to a place located far from any urban center or site of popular culture. It’s the sort of place that could be regarded as backward and isolated. (Then of course there is the movie ‘Boondock Saints’, which I’m sure is the inspiration for their name).

I think that might be a bit of an exaggeration when referring to any place in America these days (except some parts of Alaska): everywhere is connected to everywhere else by roads, the internet, and digital media. As for Boondock Vapes, they aren’t too backward to be forward in blending gourmet e juice.

Boondock Vapes JuiceBoondock Vapes E Juice

The owners of Boondock Vapes, however, are proud to be far from the vaping crowd yet part of the e-cig culture of their state. Mario and Debra Mastrangelo started their business in 2011 in Hammonton, New Jersey, and currently offer about 60 flavors.

They are mostly sweet flavors: fruit, candy, and dessert-inspired tastes. There are just a few menthol and tobacco varieties, and you could probably enjoy a pretty good throat hit at 24 mg (their highest level).

There are some zero nicotine options as well, and you can see them catering to the sub-ohm crowds, with some very high VG mixes.

Two Series from the E Juice Apothecary

I thought, by the title, that I was going to uncover ingredients to make bad e juice better or something, but such was not the case. If you click on the link to E Juice Apothecary, you will be taken to the entire menu from Boondock Vapes. This is why many consider it among the best vape pens out there.

A 6-ml bottle of e juice costs $5.49: that is the price for their regular series of juice for blowing ordinary clouds, not sub-ohm systems. The Cloud Drip Line with more vegetable glycerin (and less throat hit) costs $12.99 for 15 ml.

Flavors from the Regular Line

There are several flavors here inspired by Jolly Rancher candies including Watermelon and Blue Raspberry. Jolly Rancher candies taste extremely authentic where candies are concerned, so it is quite a boast to say that one’s e juice tastes similar. Judging by their popularity with vapers, I would say they succeed at Boondock Vapes.

I can tell you that the Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher is one of my favorite all day vapes, it is just an awesome flavor, and I know that the Watermelon is really popular.

Some of their styles are more like drinks: Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri. One of their bottles is promoted as a fundraiser to raise money for feeding hungry people, though it wasn’t clearly stated which hungry people; possibly local population of homeless individuals.

Clouds Drip Line

There are 20 products in this menu. Americana tastes like an old-fashioned root beer float which is indeed a slice of Americana. Boardwalk Days will remind you of the salt water taffy you ate as a child while playing games at the midway and waiting for your turn on the Ferris Wheel: strawberry-flavored salt water taffy, specifically. Dream Girls, in this case, will have you thinking of an orange creamsicle, its orange coating and white ice cream running down your arm on a hot day at the boardwalk.

Top Sellers

The list seen from this angle does not include anything I already mentioned, at least not in the top 3. Instead, you see S’More from the Cloud Drip Line, Sour Pear (regular), and MTD Game Fuel (berry Mountain Dew). It’s just interesting to view a menu in order of popularity, and it is a pretty long list. I am surprised the Watermelon and Blue Raspberry aren’t listed up top.

Wholesale, Specials, and More

Boondock Vapes might be located in a backwater, but they are known and sold all over the country. You will find at least some of their products at select vape stores in MS, MO, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Delaware, and others. Boondock Vapes also sells products directly from their online shopping site.

Sometimes they will deliver specials and new products. No items are listed under these headings for now but keep looking. I don’t see a problem with selection here: Mario and Debra did what they intended by increasing the selection of quality American-made products available to the local vaping community.

Now all that remains is for vapers to try their style by stopping by a store or arranging for USPS ground shipping right to their front doors, even in they live in another boondocks.


The first big company to introduce e juice subscriptions was Zamplebox from Renton, Washington. They started this business as a means of offering consumers a way to sample e juices without paying full price, knowing that for each customer some products would be winners and others would not be as successful.

Vapers would invariably find their favorites amid the selections they received month after month while also eliminating a few so they would never be tempted to pay full price for them.

ZampleboxZamplebox Solution

A bottle of e juice, especially gourmet juice, is going to cost around $12 give or take a couple of dollars (on the basis of a 15-ml bottle). That’s a lot of money if you dislike the flavor.

What if you don’t know what you will like until you try it, never having been exposed to the myriad flavors available? The price of experimentation could be onerous.

Not at Zamplebox: they suggest you purchase a subscription to receive up to 6 or as many as 11 bottles each month on a fixed date, paying $24.99 or $44.99, and see what happens. Try what comes. You could be surprised by the flavors that tickle your taste buds and those you dislike.

How it Works

The Zamplebox program invites consumers to start by choosing their level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. Presumably this helps staff decide what sort of blend you should be using. Beginners are likely to use low-cost clearomizers with coils that only like thin juice.

More advanced users are into dual-coil atomizer or even DIY sub-ohm builds. They can take the higher-VG juices. Most e liquids at Zamplebox contain 50/50 or 70/30 (VG/PG) but they are working on bringing in more high-VG selections.

Next, select from 20 flavor styles. You will be asked to choose at least 5 such as fruit, winter, intense, explosive, exotic, relaxing, refreshing, sweet, or summer. From this list, employees can weed out non-starters and pick some juices you could find favorable.

Once you choose a nicotine level, it is even easier to determine the right bottle. Some flavors don’t come in 18 mg or 0-nicotine. Between all of these filters, Zamplebox have all the information they need to make knowledgeable selections for their thousands of customers.

For some vapers, ordering juice this way is simply more fun than buying bottles from a vendor and always knowing what you’ll get.

Why Zamplebox?

Lots of companies formed to offer the same sort of service after Zamplebox got started. Why should you buy from Zamplebox? For one thing, their juices cost about $4.50 per bottle based on 70% savings. Secondly, there is no contract.

Sign up for one month, two months, or keep trying e juice this way for a year. Thirdly, Zamplebox runs a comprehensive social network of their own; a community of vapers who share their stories, likes, and dislikes with each other. Zamplebox is also linked to other social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Partners with Zamplebox

Here is another good reason to shop with Zamplebox: they receive tons of requests from e juice vendors but only accept 3% for their customers. They include Gold Drops, Rocket Fuel, The Standard, NicQuid, and Cyber E Liquid. You could receive e juice by Classified, 503, Nebula, Keystone Vapor, or Synergy.

The list is long: there are more than 30 blenders featured at Zamplebox, but that is only a small percentage of what is available.

Shop without Mystery

With the air of mystery inherent in ordering an unknown box of e juices, you might be ready for some straightforward shopping about now. The mystery box is only one option: Zamplebox lets you do more.

Browse a short list of specific items sold outright by Zamplebox. These include juices and hardware plus some articles of attire. Juices aren’t cheaper, but they’ve got the Atlantis at a really low price.

Incentives for Businesses

Sign up with Zamplebox as a business partner, referring customers to their site for financial rewards. Namely, Zamplebox will provide further wholesale discounts if you carry their cards and recommend that customers try them out.

Share Your Story

Zach McLain is the owner and founder of Zamplebox. He invites vapers to share their stories about why they vape. Become a member, contact them with your story, and join the community.


Vape NW: Vaping In The North West

Vape NW of Federal Way, Washington, got their start in e cig e-tail just last year. Interest in this all-purpose vape supplier is growing quickly as they meet demand for a wide selection of products from multiple manufacturers.

Their collection is considerable but not unwieldy, a feat they manage by cutting out the very base level of JoyeTech 510 and generic KR808D miniature e cigs plus accessories to make room for bigger and better vaping items. With their help, you will quickly progress from eGos to APVs and finally high-level VW mods, acquiring suitable accessories along the way.

VapeNW.comWell Organized

You know how frustrating it is to shop at a website that doesn’t have its act together.

As you peruse the Vape NW online store, you might be struck, as I was, by how organized and tidy it is. To notice such things, one has to have tried shopping at other e cig sites where equipment and selection is not especially well managed.

Having seen a lot of chaotic web pages, the Vape NW site really stood out. It’s not like they manage such neatness by limiting stock either. Another feature I found very helpful was that when an item was out of stock, they made this clear right on the first page and they did so in a different color. I didn’t run into a lot of these signs relative to their selection.

Brands at Vape NW

Since they carry e cig and herbal vaping equipment, Vape NW lists a few brands the e cig enthusiast has not seen before. These include Titan and Ago. Consumers will be familiar with Cloupor as a VW mod manufacturer but perhaps not as a supplier of herbal vaping equipment.

Then there are the usual names: Innokin, Kanger, Vision, Tobeco, Smok, Youde, and others. What I loved about glancing through their collections was the number of unexpected finds which were buried amid typical listings. I can’t say for sure what quality you are looking at with a Geyscano by Yi Loong or the Freemax Starre Tank, but I just like seeing something different now and again.

New Items

In this section, some products were new about three months ago and others were released more recently, so it’s a section that could do with cleaning out. The Kbox 40W, for example, is pretty familiar by now. Vape NW has Ni200 wire listed here plus the Mini Jedi 50W and Heatvape Invader 50W mod for outdoor use.

Coming Soon

Here was another exciting seComing Soonction: items soon to be released. They included the Cool Fire IV from Innokin and an eGo one Mega Kit. The IPV4 100W mod and Sigelei 75W with Temperature Control are hotly anticipated as well.

20W+ Box Mods

Here the variety was huge and prices covered a wide range but Vape NW placed low-watt items in another section, so selection wasn’t overwhelming. I could spend $50 or $150 if I wanted to. They have the Seven 22W, Smok XPro M80 Plus, iStick 30 and 50W, and the Cloupor Mini 30W mod. Pricing was well within the range I would expect from an e cig superstore.

vapenw authentic modsAuthentic Mods

An entire section devoted to authentic RDAs, RBAS, and mechanical mods was like a showroom for Porsche, Ferrari, or Rolls Royce. They had the Kryptonite 454 Big Block atomizer, Akuma V2 by Gp Custom, Liberty Mod by Innovape, and the Prism V1 by Deus Mods. Their V-Rex Copper Mod by Smok-E Mountain really caught my eye.


Average people don’t spend $150 on a tube that doesn’t even come with a battery. They can’t afford it and turn instead to clones of high-end mods.

Instead of paying $50 for an RDA and $200 for a mechanical mod, these savvy individuals choose copies by Tobeco, EHPro, HCigar, and Infinite (respected companies by the way) for 1/3 of the price or less. That includes the Doge V2 RDA by Tobeco, Elm by Infinite, and an EHPro Atomic.

Affordable Models

Vapers don’t have to spend a lot of money for authentic quality either. Original products like the Aga-T3 and T7, Innokin iTaste MVP, and Eleaf iJust are all found here full-priced and bona fide. EVOD batteries by Aspire and Kanger are listed along with Aro Winder batteries and the Aspire CF.

Herbal Products

Most of the items here are pen vapes; items sold at low cost for inconspicuous, wireless transport. You give up taste and performance with these herbal pen vapes, unfortunately, as many of them burn herbs unless you have a really good sense of timing with the power button. A Titan, however, is a bit more sensitive and could provide a cleaner draw while the VS1 and VS2 devices for herbs are not pen-style products and could be more satisfying.

E Juice

I noticed a long list of excellent brands plus some I had never heard of, but with the standard of Buckshot, Mastermind, and Cyber Liquids, I believe Thunderhead, the Collection, and Two Peas in a Pod e juices will probably be excellent products. If you buy any e juice, the whole shipment will be posted free of charge.


Here is how shipping usually works: orders cost $5 to be sent to your door. If you place an order for shipment in the domestic United States and that order tops $75, shipping is free.

Vape NW Round Up

I was mostly satisfied by Vape NW. I wish companies would stop listing sub-standard pen vapes, but they had a lot of accessories and a small selection of drip tips. I could have used more of those, but tips listed here were all within the $5 to $7 range. Overall, Vape NW offers good value no matter where you live in the United States. They have done well to create a big following in a short time.

llvapes website

L&L Vapes

You don’t see too many vape shops run by women. In the pictures of L&L Vapes, it looks like these two could be sisters: their bio says this is a family-run shop.

The owners are down-to-earth, friendly, helpful, and make you feel like friends, not just customers. They get high ratings from clients at their two Omaha Nebraska locations, both of which open Monday to Sunday to serve all the needs of vapers from beginners onwards.

My review starts with a good feeling just looking at their page. Images show a relaxed café-cum-retail environment that is bright, light, and colorfully vibrant. L&L Vapes belongs to CASAA and you can bet these ladies know a lot about the topic of vaping if you care to ask.

Their website is not a shopping page, so only use it as a reference; a place to get some ideas, maybe gain a feel for the place. Only a sample of available products is listed but without prices, so I can’t tell you if they charge competitive prices.

llvapes e juiceE Juice at L&L

I can tell you, however, that their selection of e liquids is considerable and prices are excellent. They take pride in the quality of what they sell at L&L Vapes: it says so right on the page. That includes their US-made e liquid. I would just love it if they posted their ingredients and I saw “USP” all over the place.

Flavors include the Ice Line (with menthol), specialty juices, and standards like Coffee Jazz, Raging Bull, Gummy Bearz, Pineapple, Toasted Almond, and Jolly Green Apple. Tobacco types like MBRO and Pipe Tobacco are listed separately. Pay $9.95 or $16.95 (15 ml or 30 ml) for standard flavors and $12.95 or $21.95 for specialty treats.

Hardware at L&L Vapes

Look for trusted brand names like Innokin, Kanger, JoyeTech, Smok, Vision, and more. They have the X-Fire Skull (carved wood) mod, Vision Infinity, 1300-mAh batteries, and all kinds of Innokin devices. Those include the SVD, iTaste MVP 2.0, and iTaste 134.

There are many artistic, pretty items included among vaping supplies if you know where to shop. They sometimes cost a little more but consider them as gifts; treats for yourself, like shoes you love but don’t need. In L&L Vapes shop photos, you can see tons of batteries and drip tips. Girls who like girlie things will have a field day picking through the bling and the gorgeous colors.

llvapes.comMore Great Stuff about L&L Vapes in Omaha

One of the best things about L&L Vapes is that they exist at all. Nebraska isn’t known as a center for vaping activity or retail sales.

Just having them here is great news. Their professionalism is another excellent fact about L&L.

Thirdly, their shops are easy to locate. Many vaping dens are more like hidden caves; dark and shadowy, tucked into corners of less-frequented parts of town or on the outskirts where people usually shop wholesale (plumbing, electrical, stuff like that).

What I Would Like to See

The “Why L&L Vapes” section indicates why one should vape and not why one should shop with L&L. Listed here are facts about e cigs which you probably already know: they don’t stink, cost less than cigarettes, don’t contain thousands of dangerous chemicals, and more facts besides.

If L&L Vapes could tell us more about themselves in this section and also write a bit more about their e liquid, they would be nearly perfect.

Naturals E-Liquid

The makers of Naturals E-Liquid set the record straight early on in their FAQ section. You are going to ask “what is in their juice,” and they tell you: both natural and artificial flavors.

If the name of this company is “Naturals,” why use artificial flavors? Artificials E-Liquid would not have had the same ring, I suppose. At least they make organic products; a well-rounded line of sweet, drink, fruit, and tobacco flavors.

NaturalsELiquid.comTobacco E Liquid

Here you have just three types of e liquid. Naturals E-Liquid doesn’t get into too much detail about the flavors themselves. They carry black cherry, Spearmint, and Rich Tobacco. The list is short but includes one that is sweet, one that’s minty, and one that’s of the regular type.

Drink Juices

Listing drink flavored e-juices seems like a redundant statement, but drinks and juices are actually very different. For example, French Vanilla, Espresso, Caramel Macchiato, and Cappuccino are definitely not juice. Pina Colada comes close, but you would have to say that this is a juice for adults.

Sweet Style

Another short list includes sweet menthol. I don’t really understand why this is here and not in the Tobacco section, but at least they have this highly sought-after flavor. Others are Orange Cream, Cinnamon Candy, Caramel, and French Vanilla (the only time a flavor ends up in two locations).

Fruits, the Biggest Section

Naturals’ only two-page selection is their fruit menu. Items here represent a veritable produce section and a full array of colors, though there is nothing to indicate their e liquid is colored. The suggestion is colorful. Try lemon, lime, or lemon-lime. Puff on raspberry, blackberry, or strawberry. Try cherry, cranberry, blueberry, or black cherry. Tropical styles are peach, pineapple, and mango.

Nicotine and Bottle Size

Naturals E-Liquid posts a website, but this is a fairly unhelpful place unless you plan to make wholesale purchases. Otherwise, you won’t learn a thing about bottle sizes, nicotine levels, or suggested retail pricing.

To contact them, you fill out an internet contact form or call the number but they don’t tell you where Naturals E-Liquid is located. A reverse-lookup showed them in Sarasota, Florida; more specifically at Nikki’s Vapor Bar.

Buy the Juice

I would presume this is one place consumers can purchase Naturals E-Liquid; that’s not a big leap. Under the heading for “e-liquid suppliers,” I hoped to see a map or a list of companies carrying Naturals E-Liquid.

To my disappointment, the owner of this company (Nikki?) merely said there were lots of stores carrying their juice. In other words, go find out for yourself.

Good for them if the list is really long. I guess most customers will encounter the product in a store and only use the website for reference, but a store locator map isn’t too much to ask for is it?

Holy Smokes Cigars Manchester, New Hampshire

It is unfortunate that people in New Hampshire have so little choice regarding e cigs, at least for now, since vape shops are popping up everywhere. There are garages, corner stores, internet shops located around the state and a few New Hampshire shops, but they do not offer a very large selection. One of these stores is Holy Smokes Cigars of Manchester.

Small Selection

Their selection of e cigs is limited since this is primarily a cigar shop. They have a decent-sized humidor and excellent array of cigar products, though stocked in small numbers. As for electronic cigarettes, you will just have to walk in and find out.

holysmokescigars.comProducts at Holy Smokes

From their website, it’s clear they carry e-hookahs in many flavors: all are listed by flavor and nicotine level. You can get them in watermelon, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, and mango.

They carry eGo batteries but no brand is mentioned (Kanger, JoyeTech, or Vision, for instance). You can’t even tell what size they might be or if there are any Twist varieties among them.

The e-juice they stock is made in the United States, but they don’t tell you anything about ingredients used, at least not online. These could be from China and blended in the United States.

Ingredients might be USP, food-grade — or not. Juice comes in 10-ml and 12-ml bottles with up to 36 mg of nicotine. Flavors include raspberry, Boston cream pie, café latte, and chocolate crunch. What is that? I wish I knew because if I did I could tell you.

Review of Holy Smokes Cigars

What few reviews I could find about this place gave the impression that if you aren’t part of the scene you will feel like an outsider the minute you walk in. Comments mostly center on their cigars which is right and proper since the place is called Holy Smoke Cigars, but most reviews are dated way back.

It looks like staff are courteous and helpful, but there is still an unusual atmosphere, so far as vaping goes, if many people are there milling around and smoking. There aren’t many recent write-ups to give guidance to vapers or smokers.

This suggests to me the place is mostly advertised by word of mouth. If you are in the area, check them out.

There are not lots of vapor stores around, especially in those regions of New England, yet anyways. But they likely are continually adding to their stock, as many shops are, trying to keep up with this fast paced industry, so if you’re in the Manchester area, swing by and support your local vape shop, and perhaps even try out vaping for the first time.